And who cares?

Well…not me!!! People who follow me probably already know my situation. I have been working hard, following my dreams and never be ashamed of my ambitions. I really planned everything – study for four years, get a job and have loving family. It all seemed so real that I could nearly touch it. But now…well … More And who cares?

“Brotherhood of the world” bloggers award!

After being nominated from I decided to have it a go and say big thank you for being nominated. It means so much to me. These little thinks make you believe that people understand differences and value people for their honesty and point of view. So let’s get started, here are the rules

Fingers crossed

That morning I walked into classroom as usual. It was 9 o’clock and I knew the routine. Soon as I entered the classroom, teacher of my class pointed on the whiteboard ‘There is a job for you, you must apply!’ With a black pen teacher wrote a note “Job for Her’. I couldn’t answer; I … More Fingers crossed

I need a holiday

Recently I have been thinking how much I miss Latvia. I was planning to finish my studies (and I finish soon) and go back to Latvia. Haven’t planned yet what I am going to do there because my qualification will not be valid in there but I want to go back. Yesterday my friend asked … More I need a holiday


It is Thursday already and I haven’t done any study work yet. It is raining and I am trying to figure out how to finish my child’s homework on time. And yes, I need a real planning to figure out how to finish them on time. I don’t understand why they give so much homework … More Thursday